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a show and tell in pictures

a show and tell in pictures

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Global Animal Helpers is a club created for animal loversto contribute a small sum of money every month with each collection being sent to a different animal charity across the world.


Their goal is to "help every animal n the world"! I can't think of a better incentive to work towards.

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Siantik is a small business that sells handmade merchandise from Indonesia as a means of supporting local businesses. Some beautiful products are available on that side of the world but many producers don't have the means to sell their products overseas.


Check out their online shop for a one-of-a-kind handbag!

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WRC - Wildlife Rescue Centre

is an NGO based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Their sole purpose is to rescue animals from the illegal pet trade and, if possible, rehabilitate them and return them to the wild.


We were tasked with their rather complex website. A lot of info and pics to include but entirely free of charge. For the animals.

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FLS - Fife Laundry Services

is a family owned business starting up from scratch and are now operating rather successfully throughout East Central Scotland.


We had the honor of creating the FLS logo as well as their website, business cards, flyers and price list, all for a very affordable price, I'm sure they would agree.

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Ecoteer Responsible Travel

is a well established travel tour operator responsible for creating and promoting a variety of volunteer projects across Asia.


We were tasked with the promotional video for the animal rescue centre in Central Java. We did not film it, we only edited the footage and music.

A&I Geotechnical Ltd is another small independent, geotechnical site services agent. This engineer found out what a typist was capable of when we managed to create a website that reflected his professional success in his field, no pun intended.


We hope your new and improved website will bring more success!



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