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By SliC Sites, Aug 28 2018 04:56PM

With the vast majority of the population becoming more and more dependent on the internet for answers to EVERYTHING, it makes a good, strong website almost mandatory for any small business trying to make themselves seen in an ever-expanding corporate world. We've put together a small list of how a smart but functional website can help your small business to reach that desired success:


The most obvious reason is that your website can be viewed from any device, anywhere in the world. Thus, having the capability to expand your business into new markets or potentially even new countries. There's certainly no disadvantages to more people being aware of the existence of your business and being able to reach more people by simply doing nothing.



Having a website shows your business has initiative to appeal to a modern market. A strong website can make all the difference from appearing as a young, amateur business to appearing as an experienced, trading business.

Note: there is nothing wrong with being a young amateur business, as everyone needs to start somewhere, the point is you don't need to APPEAR that way with a professional website.



It's a good environment to show your potential customers exactly what your business can do by holding all the best of your creations / services. A website gives you a platform where you can include blogs, galleries, online shops, testimonials, advertisements and even contact information all in one space. Clients or consumers are able to see for themselves exactly what your business is capable of. And that takes us to Reason Number 4.



Maybe your business is doing ok just now with friends and aquaintances or friends of friends. But how do you expand out of that enclosed circle? You must have some kind of online presence that people can see. Clients and customers tend to be more trusting of a business that has a website because, as mentioned in Reason Number 3, a client or customer is able to see for themselves exactly what your business does by viewing your examples or reading what other clients have said about your products / services.



Gone are the days of needing a shop space or stall to sell your products. That can all be done online these days. Having an online shop saves a lot of unnecessary costs such as rent, maintenance or even hiring extra staff, which inevitably eats into your profit margins. If your business offers services rather than products there is no longer a mandatory need to have a highly maintained, plush office to prove your success. Communication can be easily done via email, video call etc and in the event of a face-to-face meeting simply book a table at a nice, local restaurant or bar.

Want to advertise a new deal or current offer? No need to print loads of flyers and hand them out door-to-door, simply post your new deal on your website with a voucher code and let it do it's job. In fact, there's barely even any reason to leave your house anymore! Unless you need to walk the dog (which we advise that you do).


So, generally, the postives to having a website far outweigh any negatives. In fact, it's coming to a point where it will soon be vital to have an online presence. As always, if you have any questions about getting your own website on a budget please do not hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to help with all things creative.

By guest, Aug 11 2018 07:00AM

That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you have a brand new website up online for all to see. The intense waiting period for people to check it out and use shortened words such as; brill, fab, amazeballs (gurl is a bonus). So we have now outgrown our previous brand of Sian Cowan Digital Designer and went down a new path of consistently referring to my single self as "we". Not the royal "We", of course. Just generally me and myself knocking up some brilliant designs for folk wanting a shining business identity. We are now trading as SliC Sites, but we don't only design websites. Anything really: logos, posters, leaflets, flyers, business cards, stationary, brochures, videos etc.

We love helping small businesses become acquainted with an online presence. We live in a largely digital world now so establishing your business via the World Wide Web is definitely a must. Whether you know exactly what you want or you'd prefer to put your trust in us to design something that perfectly represents your business, it's completely your call. We are at your service. We will always give you the facts in a simplified fashion so you will feel comfortable and knowledgable about your new designs and services.

Contacts us now for free and affordable pricing estimations.

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